Licensing and Planning

  • Obtaining permits and licenses for hemp and medical cannabis operations (cultivation, processing, distribution, product registration).
  • Design, planning and implementation of investment projects for the hemp and medical cannabis industry.
  • Development of technical dossiers, business and operational plans, feasibility studies, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Policy and legislation analysis.
  • Product registration as medical, veterinary, agricultural, nutraceutical and food before competent authorities.
  • Waste and water management, Environmental Impact Assessment.
Architect planning new construction project

Design and Build-out of infrastructure

  • Design of production facilities and processing lines for hemp and medical cannabis operations.
  • Engineering plans and studies.

Industrial Equipment sourcing & fulfilment

  • Sourcing of contract manufacturers and equipment providers.
  • Advice on scientific and industrial equipment for the extraction, purification and formulation of cannabinoids, as well as, on industrial set-up (for both cultivation and processing).

Cultivation/ crop management

  • Setting up of growing operations (indoor, outdoor, greenhouses).
  • Advice on supporting infrastructure (warehouses, driers, cleaners, etc).
  • Cultivation/ crop management plans.
  • Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and storing.
  • General agricultural requirements (soil, water, climate, nutrients, organic cultivation practices).
  • Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties/ medical cannabis genetics for specific utilization.

Cannabinoid Extraction and processing

  • Cannabis extraction process development by using various technologies: Supercritical CO2 extraction, Ethanolic maceration etc. Operational parameters fine-tuning, development of SOP.
  • Cannabinoid (pure compounds) isolation through cost-effective means: Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography etc; development of SOP.

Quality Control

  • Organic certification process and regulations (EU organic certification)
  • Organic agriculture (general conditions, qualifications, requirements)
  • Quality control certification (GMP, HACCP, ISO, PFC, GAPGlobal).
  • Quality control procedures and protocols; development & validation of analytical methodologies.

Business Development, Branding & Marketing

  • Strategic planning and corporate identity development.
  • Legal and logistic support.
  • Finished product labelling and packaging.
  • Industrial Property management.


  • Human resources and staffing of R&D, Production and QC departments

Supply chain management

  • Provision of raw material and seeds (hemp).
  • From the farm to the processor, from seed to sale.

Operational Management

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