Canaveda Corporation looks to fund projects that are sustainable and profitable.

We grant our funding at a 3% ROI per annum for 10 years and 12 months moratorium. If you have a viable project that needs funding or in need of loan for business expansion, please get back to us with your business plan and executive summary for our review and possible funding.

R & D

With our diligent team of expertise, we are able to provide due diligence to help identify the significance and the legitimacy of a project where we are able to bridge the gaps and foster the needs by providing everything that a sustainable and successful business requires

Resources bank

With our global supply chain, we are able to deliver quality seeds, biomass, fibre and other materials that are verified and standardized. We are also able to guide you through the process where we will help you to understand what is best for you.


We are able to facilitate the needs of a construction project through many of our eco-friendly technologies with hempcrete, earthbag, bamboo, rammed earth, strawbell, recycled plastic and bottle house in any part of the world.

Future Technologies

We are able to provide technical and AI based support to help you with business analytics, inventory tracking, customer management, seed to sale compliance, delivery management, accounting and data based integrations with blockchain and other trusted data management platforms.